Wi-Fi Router Rental Service


jetfi is an overseas Wi-Fi router-rental service that is available on the Internet in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

With a Mobile Wi-Fi router, no trouble setting your password at a cafe, etc...
Rent a Wi-Fi router on a daily basis, including domestic use, overseas business trips, temporary return to Japan, and overseas travels.
Corporate contract can get discount.

Wi-Fi Router Rental in Vietnam

Wi-Fi Router Rental
in Vietnam

・Unlimited monthly plan
that allows you to keep
 a Wi-Fi router at home
or in the office

・Monthly, daily and other
plans tailored to the
 user's needs

Wi-Fi Router Rental for Overseas Travelers

Wi-Fi Router Rental
for Overseas Travelers

・Flat-rate packet plans that can be used in 100+
 countries and regions around the world

・Can be rented from one day, and it will be delivered
 to the designated address.

Please feel free to contact us
even if you are preparing a quotation.
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SIM Service

SIM Service

We sell and provide prepaid SIM and post-paid SIM.

We have a domestic plan in Vietnam, a dedicated Japanese plan, and other overseas plan, and you can select mobile communications services that are appropriate for you.
SIM for Japan will be delivered directly to offices and homes in Vietnam.


Prepaid SIM

・Less used

・If you pay only
the amount you used


Postpaid SIM

・If you wish to have a
monthly plan without
charge or trouble

・If you also wish to use
a call

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Sales Agency Service

Sales Agency Service

We will help you develop new businesses in Vietnam,
by providing market research and business matching.

In order to secure overseas sales channels, encountering local partner companies is an indispensable scenario.
In Vietnam, we will act as a sales agent who are able to understand the qualitative characteristics of local cultures and local people's attitudes and thoughts.
It will serve as a link between Vietnam and Japan in all types of business.

Request Flow:



Please complete the necessary information and contact us through the Inquiry Form.



Organize and propose a team after meeting online or offline



Dealing starts, regular feedback helps build better relationships

Through our telecommunication services business, we will collaborate with the Japanese companies and local companies that we have connected with in Vietnam, and the Japanese director will take the lead in providing the best proposal and support!

First of all, please feel free to contact us!
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